[SOLVED] Createx Safety Data Sheet



Hey guys in a previous thread i had stated i was going to get the information direct for the manufacturer and well they have been kind enough to supply me with that information, so now i will do what i can and pass it on to you fine folks.

View attachment Wicked Colors.pdf View attachment WICKED_CLEANER_2012.pdf

I have another files but it appears they are too big to upload, as a pdf im not sure what i can do about that. it is a hard surface guide, meaning how to prep your surfaces, drying times, and such information.
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you can just post a link to it . I think the mds sheets have been posted on here but you can never have them posted to many times.
they sent me then in the form of attachments so im not surw how i would link it, and i totally agree the hard surface guide i think could be useful for anyone intrested in doing projects on vehicle parts or helmets