Createx Transulent or Opaque?



I just got a Translucent and an Opaque bottle of Createx paint. I tried the translucent today, and It works pretty well on paper. But my question is when does use one vs. the other.
transparent paint you built the color to the darkness you want , Opaque is just that color
So basically start with a translucent and finish with an opaque?
Hi drobbins, i'll cover this in the next tutorial on blending skin tones - hopefully i'll get it out by monday.. use opaques as the base and use translucents to brighten/ shift colours where necessary. opaques cover whereas translucents only darken. opaques as base, tranlucents as finishing touches..

So when I do the eye for the umteenth time, should I be using an opaque? Because I'm using translucent, and it doesn't seem to come out like I think it should. Probably because in looking at yours expecting one thing and I've been airbrushing for two weeks.

I have like 10 eye picture laying around in my garage, My wife was like, " what the hell is with this eye you keep painting?"
I have the same query with wicked paints.....theres standard and detail.....whats the difference? at the start i was thinking standard=opaque and detail=transucent...apparently thats wrong cause ive noticed some colours eg black and white have 3 kinds (white standard, white opaque and white detail)

ive looked on the wicked site and googled the excrement out of it.....but no help......confusing.
no idea about the wicked paints? that's probably best left for a whole new thread?
For the eye tutorials i used translucents - because it's a monotone artwork and you tend to get better detail out of translucent colors. They can be more difficult to spray with - but yeah don't expect perfect results in two weeks! practising the control exercises will help out with the eye big time though:)