Createx wash of in 30 degrees



Hi guys
Is there any chance that createx paint will wash of the t-shirt in 30degrees. Plus if the tee was based coat and finished with clear coat. all paints are createx
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Yes it was, my mate is very full of sh.t, he always has some unbelivable stories and he says he did washing in 30degrees and all graphic came off ,

i have one tee nearly 2 years and I did it just to try the paint out. So i didn't use any base or cover layer and washed in the sink very hard. And nothing happend.
I have a couple shirts I painted several years ago and have been through many of washes and has not came off.
Ha ha, sounds like someone was fishing for a discount or some money back, lol!

"Sometimes you have to let one slip......just to remind people your $#!+ really does stink ;)