Creating a line drawing for image transfer



Afternoon guys,

Does anyone know of a SBS anywhere for creating a line drawing on Photoshop of an image, like the ones Mitch does?

I've been on one of his courses where we used the line drawings, and transferred it to clayboard for airbrushing. I find his method much easier as I can line out where the shadows are, hard / soft lines etc.

I have photoshop... just not the know how :(

can anyone offer any pointers!

I create my own line drawings with just the ref photo and graphite paper , that way I can go as detailed as I want and leave out parts I dont want or add parts that I want
Thanks, I think I may just adopt that method. :)

Better than making something needlessly complex
and I might ad you learn much more about the ref if you do as you need to find all the different values and shapes
You could lower the opacity of the reference image in photoshop then on another layer, use the pen tool to outline the shapes that you want.

Come to think of it, this is probably easier in illustrator...I can't even remember if there is a pen tool in Photoshop. :/

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I use a plug in tool called simplify it's awesome :) Dru put us onto it, you can use it in photoshop or it's parent program which I bought.
You demo both for a month free