Creos airbrush


Detail Decepticon!
Found this brand. Couldn't find any information about it on the forum.
Has anyone tried them?
So Mr. HOBBY GSI Creos airbrushes...

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Models PS-275, PS-290, PS-770 definitely remind me of something;) Don't they?:) What do you think?
Custom has no shiny finish, but I think the internals are the same as some other brand has;)
Lettering and engraving on AB bodies look exactly like on iwatas.
I think this brand is produced at the same factory as iwata brand is. Maybe I'm wrong but who knows...
A lot of sellers on e-bay... Delivery straight from Japan. Prices are sweet. Who would not want to get Custom for 250 bucks shipped?
It's a pity they don't produce any of side feeds:(

Here in Ukraine someone sold used old their model. It looks like exactly like HP-C+ I somehow had. New range of their airbrushes slightly different in appearance now. But we all need performance:)

Apparently Olympos guns are also made in the Iwata factory and we know how "great" they are.
Apparently Olympos guns are also made in the Iwata factory and we know how "great" they are.
I agree about that:) But they are not being made for now. This brand is produced now. So I'm curious what people would say about these airbrushes.

To rpglogic. Lettering on all my Olymposes looks the same as on the link. Lettering has been made using some mechanical equipment, I don't know how it's exactly called. Kind of mechanical engraving. On modern airbrushes engraving is made using more precise equipment, maybe laser engraving. I'm not sure. But definitely the lettering now is perfect and is made using digital technology, which was not not used when Olympos was produced. I think this technology even didn't exist then.
Mr Hobby is best known for the wide range of paints for scale modellers. Their airbrushes aren't new and they could be called cheaper Iwatas (their parts are mostly interchangable). I have two Mr Hobby airbrushes - PS-275 and PS-290, they are both very good.