crown cap in an iwata hp-c



i was watching coastairbrush page and found out that amongst the upgrades they sell for iwata hi line hp-c,is a crown cap.what difference does it makes in the spraying?does it makes it more finer?can someone enlight me in this subject?:02.47-tranquillity:

anything on the subject will be highly appreciated!!!
Hi Ultraz, they don't seem to make any difference to me. Plus I always take the cap off. It would be good to hear if anyone else has seen a difference from a normal cap to the crown one. If you have a small file you can file the normal one down to what ever shape you like, Professor Tzolt did a 2 prong one for the micron especially to help you clear your needle tip of any build up. Looks cool but I've not found the need to make or buy one yet.

I always take off my cap too, so can't help either. I only use mine to protect the needle when I've finished using the gun.
A crown cap is used for getting closer to your surface when spraying. The reason for the cut outs (crown) is to let air escape when very close or when the cap it touching the surface. If your try this with a closed (regular) cap, the air won't escape. The only place left for the air to go is back though your brush. Causing bubbles or paint spraying out of the cup.
thank you man!!!this is one of many things i LOVE all of you people!!!:glee: