Crying over eyeballs



019.jpg HI! Think I figured out how to insert a picture. At least I hope. Posted a few eyeballs that I have painted. The picture of the baby is a self portrait of myself doing dagger strokes, dots , and shading lines. They made me cry like a baby. lol. These are the first pics I have painted in a couple of years. The first I have painted since I last took an airbrush class in college. I have painted a little and need to airbrush alot more. Contoling the airbrush is coming slowly , but still feels a million miles away. When trying to do the little details my lack of confidence is upsetting.
When painting I have tried to focus on what I have learned in the tutorials. My focus is on dager strokes, dots, and shading lines. It helps alot, and I know I need to continue to practice them religiously. I also used the figure eight texture tutorial in the hair on the baby and was really pleased with the outcome. My colored paint has arrived in the mail. Excited to fill my paint bottles with color. Thanks folks with the help on these forums, and for the inspiration to airbrush. Any advice on painting, or on how to post a picture on the forums is more then welcome and appreciated.
I'll be crying with joy if I ever each this skill level.
your baby portrait looks fantastic.
There no crying in airbrushing!! ;) those all look outstanding!!! Suck it up and paint some more, lol!!

Looks great! Glad you picked the brush up, you got the talent for it!!
I'm crying now, with jealousy and rage! Wish I could've done something like that when I was starting out!
Those are really great ,i will be well pleased if ever i can reach that level .
Oh man this little kiddy just breaks my heart. What could have been so bad for him to be that upset. Tuggin' at my heart strings :(

Cheers, Red
I think they all look great, much further along than me. Good job.
Aww dude, the baby pic give me a heavy heart! Just makes you want to fix up whatever has made him upset. :(

Cheers, Red
That hair on the baby looks fantastic. I really need to spend a lot of time on the figure 8.
It looks great! That picture is too cute!!

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You must have done a lot of dagger strokes, dots , and shading lines to make your self cry like that. Now that you can paint a self portrait that looks so good does the work seem woth it?