Crystal Clear paint



I'm new to airbrushing and I had a few questions about clear paints..

I use waterbased paints now (wicked) and I'm looking for a crystal clear paint that I can mix with over reduced colors to give the paint more body...the problem is I don't know where to find them or what to look for...

my main question is how do i tell the difference (or is there a difference) between clear coat and clear that I would use for the purpose above?


Wicked makes the W200 which is a clear , it's actually the base for the wicked line , it can be used as a top coat before actual clear coat , to make your wicked more transparent, and as a pre-coat for shirts to make it possible to use less coats of paint. There are very many other uses for the w200.

Most other paint lines , water based or urethane , will have some means to do this. Urethane refers to it as intercoat clear. Some illustration inks and other paint will refer to it as illustration base or base medium.

As airbrushers there are many options available to us.

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