Cursed designs? (tails on daggers)



Ok, I airbrushed all morning with my Anthem, no issues (no beach scenes tho)

I slap on my Vega 2000 (brand new) and take off. 2 designs and 30 min's of lettering drills and I do a beach scene.. BAM! It ALWAYS happens when doing palm trees.

Wicked Black and Spectra Tex paint. Doesn't matter if it's 10psi, or 65, same thing. I am getting HORRIBLE tails when I do my daggers on my palm trees and I can NOT figure out why?

Lettering and I end things with a dagger, no tail. Palm tree, tail. HORRIBLE tails.


I cleaned it thoroughly and went down to 15 psi and it still tails, just not as bad.

This is it after cleaning and 15 PSI. Wicked does the same, straight and reduced, Spectra Tex, same results. Any ideas?

Little bit of back story, EVER SINCE I've started airbrushing many, many years ago (off and on of course) I have ALWAYS had trouble with this. I set my needle good and flush, I end with force on my daggers. WTH is wrong with me??

THIS is the MAIN reason I went to hard shells in the first place because I couldn't stand having so much difficulty on my dam palm trees :(

Sitting here thinking. I wonder if by chance, that there's paint drying on the inside of the bottle and creeping into my brush? It did seem to get better when I cleaned the nozzle but still does it... perhaps it's my paint drying? :(
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It looks like a paint contamination issue. Something is blocking the needle from closing off the paint instantly after going wide open. Could also be your speed of doing the daggers or how you cut them off. You should be able to dagger towards the surface then stop the flow and pull away. Looks like it's not shutting off and trailing with your hand movement. Try cleaning it again and also when you pull off the tails just stop your travel and pull straight off the surface and see if that changes the tails. Make sure your bottle vent is very clean as well. I've seen the bottle clog up and cause a pressure difference and force itself out. Just take your airbrush and watch it while spraying at an angle. Snap off the trigger and see if it stops instantly. Pull back slowly and watch and make sure it is coming on and off smoothly with the needle travel.

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Thanks IC. I just pulled my pink off and it vacuumed out! Shot all over the place.

I just ordered 24 bottle adapters from Amazon / Createx and I just noticed the holes are VERY small! I wonder if it's not a combination of trash and the holes. I shake my paints before each session, I bet paint got up to the hole and is partially / completely clogging it.

I plan to reclean the brushes and go through all of my new adapters and opening those holes up a tad bit while cleaning them.

I do want to get some badger in jar filters as well but seeing as to how they're like $6 each, I'll have to do a few at a time. I'm sure 2 for now (white and black bottles) will be a great start.

Thanks again and when I hit it back up I'll see. Back in the day I used to use those big ol' paasche jars and I don't ever remember cleaning the vent holes, but DO remember having paint shoot out of the bottles and being very frustrated lol.
I've had good luck with the iwata big mouth jars

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