Curves & Robot


Double Actioner
I'm a robot I tell myself all the time. My curves suck though.. Getting better trying to leapfrog and using robot movements. What do you guys suggest for getting nicer looking curves? I herd a guy uses a string. I thought of getting one of those flexible rulers.. I also have multiple French curve templates i can use. What do others do?


Air-Valve Autobot!
I've used freehand, cut paper in a wavy pattern and you could try a flexible small tube and think you can get at some art craft stores

ad fez

french curve held on paper for a tight stencilled look or 15mm away from paper for a softer edge.....other than that, freehand


Royal pain in the air hose
kind of a pin striping trick but I use my little finger as a base point and pivot on that access. Mainly learned that from Drafting class years ago but unless I am doing a huge curve that is all I need.

Stevie G

If I want to paint a nice curve I just attempt a straight line .....:redface-new: