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Needle-chuck Ninja
O..M..G.. I received this iwata custom micron cm-sb in the post today.. My wife had ordered it for my birthday.. So awsome.. I cannot believe she bought me this.. But.. Hey .. Not disappointed .. Lol.. Lol.. Can't wait to use it.. I do have a question .. Do I flush in between paint with water or reducer..? Anyways I thought I would share.. Lolimage.jpegimage.jpeg image.jpeg
just do as you normally would ..... with etac efx i only need flush with water..... even at the end of the day, a bit of a stir in cup with paint brush to get the remnants out but a good few flushes, if it sprays clear thats good enough
Congratulations , insanely good gun to play with :)
Im with ad fez regarding water :) i also leave water in the cup when not in use to avoid anything drying out :)
Thanks guys.. I use createx illustration paints.. So I guess I still can use water and it will not affect the paint or airbrush..
Oh another one for the dark side I mean side feed lol .
You will love it (I hated mine due to side feeds and me do not get a long) But the amount of control you will gain will blow you away .
Congrats and you have a very special wife and you best get her something just as cool on her birthday :D
You know Badger, it's your karma to get side feed micron!:D Why would you make your forum nickname as badgersb? lol So it's not surprising to get SB model, though karma is tricky a little, as it hasn't brought a side feed badger to you;) But who knows what will be the next destiny's present:)
You're among those luckies, who is presented by sb micron by the wife!
Why wouldn't I have this kind of a present by the wife?:( I think maybe bacause I do have no wife or maybe I do own sb micron already...:confused: I'm trying to figure it out.

Seriously, I'm glad for all of you guys, as you have real good wives. I think this kind of presents show us the relations you have in your families.
Have many pleasant moments (maybe even touching ones) in your lives!:thumbsup:
Congrats! Very special wife you got there. I just ordered one for my self too. Can't wait to try it! (Cm-sb not wife)
badgersb did you try it already? How does it feel? What airbrush you were using prior? When I first tried my CM-C 0.23 I was totally blown away.

Hang on - what... you can order wives...? ROFL
I sincerely hope It's not possible, even though some junk mail in my e-mail says so. :-D