Custom Paint Cups for Iwata Custom Micron SB


Needle-chuck Ninja
This may be interesting for artists using the Iwata Custom Micron SB. There are custom paint cups available that replace the standard one.

One of those types is larger and has a lid that allows to keep paint sprayable for a longer period of time and it prevents spilling of paint / water over the art work. There is also a smaller one in the set in which one or two drops of paint and / or water can be poured.

The cups are in lightweight white plastic. I placed the original paint cup in the photo as well for comparison.


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Hey thats pretty interesting since i have the Eclipse SBS that is using the same cups and im pretty often in the need for a bigger one.
I havent seen them in a airbrush store yet here, are they from Iwata or a 3rd party brand?
You can just use the cups from the Aztek airbrushes. They have quite a range to choose from.