Custom Stencils



Hi all, i just wanted to post about the Silhouette Cameo !!! I recently bought one and its amazing. It can cut stencil material and vinyl and canvas among other things but i bought it for making my own stencils. Im still learning how to use the program but its been great with basic images of stencils that are already set up. Heres some pics... 20160715_185911-768x1024.jpg 20160715_185927-768x1024.jpg 20160715_185940-768x1024.jpg
It was definitely a good buy. No more paying for stencils for me. Awesome for begginers.
Yes I do and can only cut mylar that is slightly thicker than acetate.
Thats good to know i think the stuff i have is Acetate because its kind of thin. Maybe the Mylar would be better because i do some intricate designs with small bridges. Lets compare lol... The material im using i can cut perfect with the cut blade on 3... What cut setting do you need for mylar? I have cut some Silhouette vinyl material but weeding wasnt the best... Any other materials you cut? Im pretty new to it and have only cut stencils and vinyl
Acetate is transparent. You get different types and thicknesses of Mylar. What you have looks like one type while the other type is a kind of thin foil that balloons get made of. And then the thicknesses can be anything from very thin and very thick. I've actually got a 350 micron piece that I use as the cutting matt in my Cameo. The only success I've had was with 120 micron on full pressure and 190 micron on full pressure and if I do double cuts.