custum micron cmc plus or cmsb


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dont know the sb already has the smaller needle which is important the sb i dont have a cup in my way but after using a badger 150 i dont like i like to have as little as possible between the cup and nozzle makes it easier when altering colors although Marissa seems to use the sb whats your opinions
i am waiting for someone to say stop posting so many threads i have to say this iswere the learning is at we had a saying in the navy the only dumb question is the question not asked and if i buy a micron it better be worth it il be upset if i find my infinity is out doing the micron
thanks for the help
Most people buy the C from us here at coast . The stationary cup and its size make it a bit easier to clean out .
However ....... Some people do want the .18 without spending the extra money to convert it ,and they like how not having
the cup on top lets your hand get closer to the surface for a bit more control . I always recommend getting a different cup for it . I like the light weight plastic cups from Aztek that fit the Iwata . They make three size gravity feed cups that work great and are easier to clean . Iwata also has the 1/4 oz cup with lid ......not gravity though ......or they make the larger gravity feed metal cup that is easy to clean . If you can get your finger in the cup with the blue shop towels it just seems to clean faster . We do still have a micron special going on at coast and I think just about every single one we have sold
have also purchased the taller one piece trigger mod . The special is on our home page if you want to check it out .
I don't think the c-plus merits the higher price just because of the mac valve and only has the .23 needle and will cost a small fortune to go .18. I like the SB because the distance between trigger and tip is shorter and you can do easier colour changes if you have more cups. Like Dave said, use the Aztek cups. I bought 4 for half the price of one metal SB cup and they come with lids.
The CM-CP also comes in an 0.18
If you would like to paint small detail drawings and lot of time very closse to you surface i would go for the SB you have little more control because it is an smaller and lighter airbrush.
You can get the same fine lines with the CP but if you do fine concetration airbrush work the big cup gets in the way.
If you do an more sketching airbrush work the the big cup with the lid is great.
We offer the SB now with the option of an Teflon packing and an soft pressure spring the CP also have the option for the spring.
thats another two things to think of how important is a mac valve when you have an air compressor with an adjustable regulator right nexto you and multiple collor cups thats even better thain 1 cup and having to use small cups to dump paint as you swich back and fourth making a mess this is from experience im glad for this forum besids if i use a stipling effect i have the infinity which has a valve rigt on the end of the hose i need a top of line serious detail brush 75 us dollars less i like the sb
In my humble opinion I think that the Micron Sb is the best airbrush due to the type of feed system. The amount of paint that travels from the cup to the needle is less than other feed systems and ( as AndreZa said ) the distance from the feed hole to the needle is shorter. Conclusion, you can work with very low pressure with any problem and you can clean it better on the inside than the others ( at least for me ). Is smaller and the weight is well balanced. Cons: all the spare parts are a little fortune and has a small cup that is a problem for big works. ( and I have an Infinity too ) ;)
Yeah ... I don't find the Mac valve that important on the C plus just the cup . It's better then the original C.
sounds like the SB is a better fit for you though . The needle packing on the microns is pretty easy to switch out .
When people order the Trigger or bearing mods we do it for you and put the original parts back in the box .
if you decide to order from coast make sure you mention the pro mo .
thanks dave right now i am sure about the cmsb after reading all the responses now i hacv to be sure i am ready to invest all that money to an air brush i wish i could meet a rich girl that wood bee nice il probly order from you guys i usualy order from chicogo as i am from long island i choose reg ups ground on wed its on doorstep fri ps wednsday is pay day ha ha
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You got it ! I am at the shop for a bit if you have any of those questions.
DSCF5658.JPGDSCF5658_Copy.jpg Did this about a year ago with the help of Cory.And my trusty CM-C plus Great vid and GREAT airbrush
Good luck with your choice I am happy with mine
Regards, Kurt PS great to see you here David
ack i cant wait going nuts i have to wait til Thursday til i can order the cmsb i dont want to buy another infinity it doesn't make seance its a nice gun i love it but i would like something diferrant plus i don't want to change my mind and not get it and thain regret it later i hardly ever have money everything i have that's nice like my infinity was purchased in the spring when the marine industry is booming or when i get a tax return plus lets not forget the deal i can get now i would bet right as soon as return season comes coast must see a sudden rise in micron sales ha ha nice video when micron gets here il do an indian
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yea cant wait one of the perks free 6 pack createx illustration paint there also giving away a free air brush botle opener but i dont drink any more and to tel you the truth i never used a bottle opener i gues ill figer some thing to do with it