daft question about bottom feed bottles


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hi, im very new, so sorry about these very rudimentary questions...

you know the bottom feed bottles with the bit that goes into the brush ?
well i just put some cling film (saran wrap in the U.S) over it to stop the paint drying out, im sure theres a better solution, what would that be guys ?
cheers rob
I think your method is probably about right if its not being used, wrap it up maybe strain your paint on next use and give a good mix to make sure you got rid of all the clumps
Hi rob and welcome to the forum. When I'd first started getting into airbrushing I had those siphon feed airbrush. But at the time I didn't have any extra bottles for my paint. So after my 7 grand daughter was born and when she started eating the baby food in the jars. I'd always saved the jars and clean them out to use to store my extra paint that was left over and they seem to reseal them selves and my paint hasn't dried out yet. Hope this helps you out.
thanks guys,
i just bought 10 22ml bottles with siphon tubes, they are great especially as I got them for cheap, but I have the same issue, how do I make them airtight once I have paint in them ? I need something to fill the siphon tube and the breather hole, so far I can only think of covering them in clingfilm (saran wrap) but I was thinking of of some kind of rubber cap that I could pop over the top of the whole bottle to keep it airtight, there must be some soloution but cant think right now
cheers rob

I tend to only prepare what I think I will use in my bottom feeder. I read somewhere that you NEVER pour your paint back into the bottle (usually coz you have reduced the sh*t out of it!). As for storing it in them there mini jam jars you bought you should check out if you can get some blank lids for them as that would be the best all round way. Other than that I can offer an alternative soloution but it means more bottles!

10 Plastic Bottles HDPE 100ml Empty Flip Top Lid+Labels | eBay.

I use these and other types when I mix paints and want to keep a larger quantity for use as a base colour in an artwork (See Mitch's Denise part 1) They also come in useful when your latest batch of paint has a bottle of gray with a hole in the bottom and half the paint is in the bag and over the other bottles ... It gives you somewhere to store whats left.

Hope this helps.

they look good mate, maybe more handy for gravity feed, but I can see they would b e good for storage, I will order them, cheers mate
im pretty sure you can buy caps for your bottles think ive seen red type caps on the chrome tube that enters the airbrush, i have no idea what they are called though