Damage repair and my incompetance.



My little compressor fell off a table I was using and now air is escaping. I can still build up pressure enough to do the work but a small amount is still getting out and this leads to the compressor not shutting of when it reaches the desired PSI. On the photo the air is escaping at the top where that little screw in piece is. What's the best way to seal this off, silicone maybe?

I think when it fell it has bent it somewhat. I took it apart and screwed it in tight but enough is still coming out. The only way I can use it still is to turn it on, spray what I need to for awhile and turn it off and rest it so it doesn't over heat.

Not sure if anyone has dropped one before.

Hopefully you didnt crack where it screws in to the top of the cylnder. Try disassembling the whole thing and putting thread tape on and put back together.
Good luck
Yes good point, hadn't thought of that. I'm hopeless when it comes to fixing things. Breaking things though, I'm a first class pro.
yeah without seeing it sounds like you may have cracked the head on it. It's aluminum so its softer. As long as the crack isn't too bad you should still be able to seal it up with a bunch of teflon tape. When you unscrew it again, check the threads on the pipe and inside the head along all the threads. If it's cracked you should be able to see it fairly quickly. If the head IS cracked, don't over tighten the fitting or you will just crack it even worse and you be up a creek then.