damn paint:(



Today i was working on a black and white portrait,i'm using com-art water based colors, very very reduced,(the color i mean now is the black) and i keep encountering a very annoying problem,when i get very close, to airbrush details or very fine lines , the air jet/paint/spray :| from the brush pushes/disolves the layer painted previously.HOW CAN I GET RID OF THIS PROBLEM :((
Try reducing your pressure alot, com art is very thin anyhow, so to reduce it even farther would mean I would have my air pressure between 7 - 12 psi.....if that didn't work then try reducing a little less....hope that helps.....also make sure you are allowing areas to dry before layering on more paint
You'll always get this problem if you go too soon over previous layers, as mentioned reduce your pressure, but also keep a hair dryer on hand to dry each layer before you do the next one.
i do reduce it,alot
presure: under 20 psi(1.9/1.8 bar)
realy :D!,so low pressure it's the ticket.THANK YOooU
(hope it works)
that ferrari,on your blog ^_^ is just amazing:adoration:
I use comart too. Unreduced: spraying at 15-20psi. Reduced: 5-15psi, depending on how much I reduce it (I use comart medium and/or distilled water to reduce it.
That's because you killed the paint with to much reducer/water, and therefore the paint lost it's body.

I don't know if com-art has a base ( paint without pigment in it ) if so use that instead of so much reducer/water.

And of course use all the previous tips aswell!!!!!
lower pressure did the trick :) , now i can tackle details, at the moment i'm working on a portrait ,hope this discovery will show when i finish it.