Day 3, so does anyone make a laser sight for these things?



Day three and earlier problems seem to be solved. Today I'm looking for some advice on how to hit what I'm aim for. During today's exercises seemed every time I thought I knew where the paint would appear it came in higher or sometimes lower. Any tips out there?
Oh how I would have loved a laser sight when I started!!!! Lmao!! Just time will do it, keep doing exercises and you will have it down and not even realize it. A great exercise is coloring a coloring book, you can get all types of practice with it dots, lines, fades all of it comes in to play.

This is what worked for me. Get a piece of graph paper and hit the inside of the squares. You'll get it.
Wow, thanks guys, two great ideas, and so quick. I'll half to go look for a coloring book, the graph paper I have.
What the others said, practice does it, it's amazing as you start to hit every spot your after and it just becomes second nature.... You feel like your getting somewhere :) practice, practice, practice :)

Oh, and I still sometimes miss.... But I'm still a noob!
Practice makes perfect, soon you won't even think about it. Though I bet if someone did make a laser sight, it's make a fortune!
Laser sights , Hmmm now you have me thinking ., Take the laser sights off my 50 cal and attach them to my airbrush....No that would not do , I take them off the ak instead ....

I can see the ad now , You too can paint like a pro with out ever touching an airbrush before , For only 199.99 you can buy the new state of the art laser sights for you airbrush.Be the first on your forum to own the new laser sights .... Hurry limited supply first come first served...remember only 199.99 plus 40.00 shipping and 50.oo handling fees ,,( not legal in all 50 states) But will ship there anyway....LMAO

But like was said before the more you build the muscle memory from the practice the better you will get and the easier it becomes until you can do it in your sleep.
i did what was on exercises sheets and iam getting better iv doing for ab 4days now it just take time iv got some pic on the forum if u look to see .i was not all that good thus exercises really do help p.s watch thos tuter vids there a big help as well
I did the graph paper exercise yesterday and did much better than I expected. Like you all have said, practice, practice, practice.
Jaxon, before u paint your effect do a practice pass- ever so lightly pull back on the trigger so u can JUST see the paint hit the canvas- if it's in the right spot then airbrush your effect, otherwise move in the direction it needs to go. You shouldn't be able to see ur practice pass
Good tip, thanks, and thank you for such a great resource, I look forward to your new tutorials.

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