Dead Compressor


Young Tutorling

I'm a pure newbie in airbrushing, and I already have a compressor issue

I have a classic model made by Sparmax sparmax comp.JPG

Last time I tried it was in august, was working like a charm

the last 3 months, it stayed on a shelve in my small woodworking shop

I tried it last week, no sound, no movement, no motors trying to start, no smoke, no burn smell - Straight Dead

I tried some troubleshooting with a multimeter but wasn't sure what to test or to look for... I was able to make so continuity tests but nothin to found the problem

Any Idea what could have cause this ? Anything special to test with the multimeter ?

Should i work on this bastard or throw it away and buy a new one ?

Any help would be greatly appreciate !


Those studio compressor aren't the best in the world no matter who make them. First while they show with air off holding 35 to 45 PSI once you hit the trigger it drops to more like 15 psi.
Is the woodshop heated at all times?
If not condensation could have built up inside the compressor head and froze making the motor not have enough power to break it free.
But the first two things I would check is one is the outlet good.
Second is the power making it through the switch. Being they are more like a hopped up fish tank compressor due to no tank there isn't much that can go wrong.
Either the brushes in the motor have went south, The off/on switch or a bearing froze.