you guys helped me out about 2 different airbrushes now ive narrowed down to 2 As far as detail work its between the Sotar 20/20 ($80 on amazon) or the Renegade Krome.. Help me out guy thanks once again foe the help!!!!
I have a sotar but havent had time to mess about with it yet. I have been told its quite picky in what it will spray so I'd say go for the chrome if you want potentially less messing.

Hey mate, they both have the ultra fine needle/nozzle setup so will be comparable on the amount of fine detail you can achieve, although the krome also comes with the fine setup aswell. I havn't used either but I do have the velocity which is great, I have held the krome and sotar , the krome is nice and weighty and the sotar is a fair bit lighter. Ken said the sotar was intended as an illustrators brush......I have heard nothing but good things about the krome
What would be the ideal paint mix as far as reducing it for such a fine needle
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Hi Gllamas,
Before I can give you any advice I need to know what equipment you have already. What paint, airbrush and compressor do you use? Is this your 1st airbrush? Or do you have more? What do you have? Are you a beginner? etc. etc.
Cheers Mel
So that others who read this thread will know, you have a few airbrushes and use Wicked paint. I'm guessing you are wanting a detail airbrush.

I have a Sotar 20/20 and I really like it for detail only. It is a very fussy airbrush and I haven't used it enough to give a really good review. The parts are very expensive and I bought 2 Sotars from Amazon because they are so cheap and the 2nd one is for parts.

I have never used a Krome but have read very good reviews, I wouldn't buy one because the cup is too big for me. I prefer side-feed airbrushes and have an Iwata HP-SB+ 0.2mm which is a detail airbrush and I have an HP-SBS 0.3mm which is my workhorse. I was looking for a gravity feed detail airbrush like a Micron (which I can't afford) and was thinking of the Infinity 0.15mm when I saw the Sotar on Amazon for very cheap, so I decided to try the Sotar as it has a small cup and was designed to be like a Micron. I do illustrations onto card using Com-Art and various other paints, I've never used Wicked. I have never used a Micron so I can not compare the Sotar to a Micron.

So you have to think about what you need. I don't see myself using the Sotar very much except when I want to get in and do very tight detail with reduced paint. The Krome I believe will offer much more versatility but as you have other airbrushes you might not need that.
A lot of people buy a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity for detail work and give very good reviews. I have never used one.

I hope you find an airbrush you like.
cheers Mel
I finally had a go with the Sotar today, first I polished the needle tip and lubed the brush with superlube. I only sprayed etac efx through it but it sprayed lovely never the less. Need to try some different paints, I have Trident, ComArt, Tattoo inks, and AA so I must have a play when I get the chance.

The front end of the airbrushes are almost identical between the Krome, Sotar and Renagade. In my Sotar and Renagade with the smallest tip I have sprayed Etac EFX, Holbien Aero Flash, Schmincke Aero Color, Com Art and even Liqutex soft body acrylics thinned with their airbrush medium. They all spray fine as long as reduced properly and with the right air pressure. You will get tip dry with any of the above paints some sooner then others. The Sotar feels a little smaller and has a smaller cup than the others and the cup is close to the trigger finger unlike the Krome and Renegade which have more distance between the cup and trigger.
Krome, period. Well may not period, because I have a reason, lol! The krome was basically modeled of the sotar performance but they gave the krome what the sotar lacked. Such as a bigger cup and that sexy chrome plating, lol!! You can do more with the krome, especially since it comes with 2 different needle and nozzle sizes....... Why do you think badger is all of a sudden selling the sotars so cheaply? Lol!!!

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