Devilbis aerographs?



Hiya guys,

I can get the aeropgraph sprite and major for about 70$ each, second hand, my question: are they worth it an does anyone know some basic info about them? The sprite looks like a detailer the majors a siphon, but both have this black plastic looking thing at the cup/ siphon opening, whats that.
Are they quality ?
Die spuiten zijn verouderd en de onderdelen om te vervangen zijn niet meer van de kwaliteit wat ze geweest zijn. Devillbis heeft Aerograph verkocht. Heb een super 93 en die nieuwe naalden passen voor geen meter. Die moest ik dus eerst helemaal bijschuren om passend te maken.
Ik ben overgestapt naar een H&S spuit...



DeVillbiss sold Aerograph and the quality of replacementpart is not wat it used to be. I have a super 93 and the needles dont fit. I had to work on it to make it fit.
I changed to H&S brush...
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I have a Sprite Major which I bought new about 20 years ago. It worked really well although I only ever used it to spray model cars.
It's been in it's box and unused for about 5 years so when I tried using it a few months ago it wouldn't work at all.
I took it apart and gave everything a good clean but I can't get it to work properly now.
Getting spares appears to be impossible too so I don't think I'll be using it again.
It's a shame really as it was a good airbrush.
Take a look on ebay.....that will give you an idea of how much people are paying for advice is if you are going to spend 140 dollars on two middle of the road airbrushes, then why not spend that money and get one really good airbrush, because if you get hooked on airbrushing it wont take long and you will want to upgrade anyway. A H&S Evolution cost around 120€ a great brush at an affordable price.....just something to think about.
I think slipery gives some good advice there! Also how easy would it be to get spares for those brushes?