DeVILBISS Aerograph Sprite

I don't know about the Sprite, if you can replace the narrow spray cap, the nozzle and needle with a highflow, as you can with the Super63. But you most proberly can as they share a lot of parts. Problem with the old fasion designs are, that they were made for different paints than modern waterbased acrylics. The high flow air caps deal better with the fast drying modern paints, that are a huge problem with the original air caps, esp. white Acrylisc ae a major problem with the original narrow air caps. Sprite and Super63 on the other hand, are lovely airbrushes, with the paints they were made for.
I think the papers for the Super 63 can substitude if you can't find any for the Sprite, as it is just a more modern version of the Super63.
Many thanks for your advice SilverScreen - certainly worth a look as I am holding off using the Sprite until I can understand it a bit better!
I never had a sprite, so my advise are taken from using the Super63. But the two are very alike except the Sprite don't carry the adjusting ring the Super63 carry. It only need to be set once and adjust the trigger air/paint point, -- sort of a adjusting to your liking of how "fast" paint start when adding to the air flow. But as I said, they both are well build, just a bit oldfasion. Also ; I did just that with the two Super63 I have, I bought highflow nozzles and aircaps for both, but must buy new highflow needles. So how can I suggest to change to highflow ; well, I used the standard nozzle and needle with the highflow aircap, as if I use the highflow nozzle and standard needle, the needle simply stick out to far in front, --- untill I get the highflow needles for the highflow nozzles this work great. The tipdry are moderate as the highflow aircap are more open not as narrow as the standard one, here you see the Super63 added Highflow Aircap but with standard needle and standard Nozzle. --- Very much like just removing the tip.

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