devilbiss dagr



Hello i am completly new to airbrushing i just got a very good deal on a devilbiss dagr $75 for the gun compressor and wicked paint all never evan opened so i have been looking for info if this is a good starter brush for me i am looking to get into custom auto painting in the future i know i cant start with that so any info on the airbrush and if it is good for me to start with it or should i just go buy somthing else
You got a good gun at a rediculously good price. Even on its own. Some say they are a pain to clean, don't see why.

Oh and welcome the Orange Forum.
I am probably biased as I had bad experiences with 2 dagrs, both poorly manufactured. One came with damaged nozzle, and machine scoring in the head and body, and one the paint cup was off centre, damaged threads, and poorly seating nozzle. So I after sending the second one back, I went with Iwata. However, I know that people who got good ones were happy with them. If the compressor is halfway decent, and with the paint, sounds like you got a bargain anyway.

Welcome to the forum, if you haven't already pop along to the intro section, people will want to say hi, and also if they know where you are in the world, and what type of painting you're hoping to do, they will be able to advise better, regarding where to get supplies etc.
I've tried 2 different dagrs, didn't like them. It's more of a background sprayer imo. Had issues with the o rings and just poorly put together. Tried fixing a friends and that was my hands on experience with them. Welcome to the forum
First off thank every one for the reply how would i know if i did get a bad one i have only messed around with it a little so far but it seems to spray ok it does leak a little in the front with water in it but with paint in does not