Dewayne , back again



Hey guys. I came here a while back, 2011 I believe. My (now ex wife) and I started a mobile airbrush setup for small town events etc. and done it out of the home as well. We actually did very well, I had several $800 days from anywhere 5 hours to 10hr days. Funny, the 5 hour day was our biggest day with $855 worth of sales.

The fine fellas here turned me onto some good advice ... well all except for one. The Tc-50 compressor or whatever. I was told only after purchasing it (new at that matter) that it wasn't that great for production T's if I ever got busy. Well, I used a loud, 20gal compressor and once rolling, people didn't care at all! They all (even other vendors) said it was worth it.

I know that's not much to you guys, the Pros, but to a poor boy in a small town with no market, I thought we done well.

I have a new account because I couldn't log into it before. Under the email airbrushshirts at yahoo. So I made this one.

My name is Dewayne and I'm in Arkansas. We have ONE guy here that's in the mall, mall is less than 8 or 9 years old. He gets business but he could be doing better IMO. I think there's plenty here if I can find a hot spot.

thanks for reading.
Welcome home Dewayne. I have a lot of Kin folk in Wynn, Bald Knob area. Lots of Razor backs T's I bet.
In another post you mentioned you gamer tag was Fatality I knew a Fatality in Cabal and in GW1 is that you?
Thanks guys. Micron, no sir, I only played about 2 hours of COD and went to Battlefield and haven't looked back. About the only game outside of any RPG that I used to play.

My ps3 Gamertag now is Autopsy76? Been a while I'll hvae to see what I changed it too lol.

To be honest man, I didn't do a single razorback shirt!!! Funny huh? All school stuff like Bay high school, Hurricane's etc.
Bald knob!?!? Hahaha who names these places

Well now to hear my grandpa tell it some bald headed reb was getting a knob job when it was named which is my favorite version.(that is just funny)
But my grandma being born there said it was an old Indian names due to the hill was bare of trees But they do have some funny names for places...
My great uncle still owns some good size Rice and Cotton fields down there.
But If you have ever heard of Conway Twitty a country singer back in the 70's took his first name from Conway Ar. and Twitty Tx.
But here in the USA you will find some strange names to towns
Well, apparently I got my forums mixed up. this is actually my first time here! I figured it out. Insomnia sucks btw.

Ok, I belonged to THEairbrushforum (black and blue background, still nice folks but won't be going back) AND westcoastairbrush. That's where pat and them hung out at.

SO! Glad to be here, thanks for the welcomes and I plan to hang around a while> :)
Hello and welcome from Pennsylvania. All that matters is that your here now so strap yourself in and prepare for an sweet ride! :encouragement:
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:encouragement: