Diamond polish me like!



What up everyone! I am new but wanted to share!! Ordered diamond paste kit off Amazon from Kent blades.Have tried polishes ''over the counter''like wal mart but after you see what a diamond polished needle looks like you won't go back!! They are absolutely blinding mirror finish.I spin them in drill squeezed with microfiber cloth go from 5 3.5 1 and 1/4 micron results are stunning. Much love everyone!
Thanks for sharing. Not that I'm a needle polisher like some of the guys here. I'd ruin it for sure LOL.
It's easy have tried sandpaper and changing shape but didn't work straight diamond paste doesn't change shape just becomes insanely polished.I am using etac now so it does' nt matter but the needle is blinding even passing through the cup.
You will notice when the needle becomes that polished it's super water resistant it's like moisture beads up on the surface there is no adhesion to stick to!
I might look into that. Whats the numbers mean for micofiber. Didnt know they had numbers. Link the amazon page for paste and cloth if you can. Thx Jared :)
The microfiber cloth is just a cloth I got at dollar store.The numbers are the diamond paste grades 1/4 micron paste which is the finest is equal to 60,000 grit sandpaper Diamond paste kit came with 7 different grades for 14.99 that's enough polish for a lifetime! Anymore questions feel free to ask.
Amazon.com search diamond paste company is Kent blades can't miss it boltcase.