diference between olympus and micron cmc pluss


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e ok I feel guilty i was just trying to talk someone out of waisting there money on a micron but they are a newb im not just curious if there is much of a diference and what it wood bee in the olympus. as far as i know air brush needles are supposed to be exactly centered in the nozzle when pulled back and none of mine are so if that would be true in an olympus ok next is the needle any better polished or sharper sre the micron parts use able in the olympus does it spray or do fine lines any better . i would have to say if i ever did order an olympus i would almost have to get a spare .18 fluid head for it for piece of ferret mind lol
seriously i dont care how much money some one has wait til your real good before getting a micron or else there wont be something to step up to