Differences between Olympos HP-100C / HP-101 ?



Dear sirs
I want your valluable help and experience to solve a matter about two Olympos Airbrushes. The models HP-101 and HP-100C if we put aside the different design, color cups etc, require the same skill and abillity to use them or the HP-100C is more 'demanding' airbrush to matters like air control etc ?
Thanks in advance.
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From what I've heard the hp 100c is "better" olympos parts can be hard to come by as they aren't made anymore. The internals are near identical to iwata. Unless there is a special reason to get one, I wouldn't because of parts issues. It's not like a super incredible airbrush but is a part of history.
I'm sure there are some people on here that actually have one that can chime in. I do know a couple people that love theirs.
Hi papajohn,
I don't have either of those airbrushes so I can't tell you how they perform. However I bought my Olympos MP200C from the same website and I'm extremely happy with it. Mine came with a spare head unit and I bought extra needles and another nozzle when I bought it so I have plenty of spare parts. The Iwata CM-C (not the CM-C+) spare parts fit it so I can get those if I need parts in the future. I did have to pay import tax on it which was around €80 from Japan to Holland but with all those spare parts, the airbrush and the import tax, it was very good value. Delivery was also very good. I thought you might like to know from someone who'd bought from this supplier in Japan and had a good experience.

I'm sure someone on here will have an Olympos HP100C although I've not heard of anyone with the HP101 side-feed. Olympos airbrushes are the forerunners to Iwata's so I think there will be Iwata spare parts that fit. It looks like they both have the same head 0.3mm setup so I can't imagine the performance will be much different, more a question of whether you like a top or side cup.
Cheers Mel
No airbrush "demands" more skill. Each has it's place. You're not gonna shoot flake through a micron or try to spray the Mona-lisa on a grain of rice with a HPLV gun. I will NEVER go for the guns that have screw in side cups like the 101. They are a mission to clean. Unless you get the Grex conversion plug that turns it into a normal side feed gun. But even then, there are too many crevices for paint to go into. IF you want side feed go 100SB. They have a range of cup sizes for it and it is 0.2. Otherwise the C is a good gun. Probably rthe same as Iwat HP-C+ without the handle toys.
I agree with AndreZA, I don't like screw in side cups at all. One of the reasons I love my side feeds is being able to do quick cup changes and with the cheap plastic cups I use, I can keep the paint in them for a week during a project. Saves paint, remixing etc.
Cheers Mel
I have both, and even if they have the same size nozzle, they spray a bit different, since their needles differ. The 101 has a slightly steeper angle on the point. In my opinion, the 101 is the better detailer, but the whole side feed setup make it a bit clumsy. But then I find all side feeders clumsy... :)