different tip sizes for?



is there info on what different tip sizes are for? Ive got 2 paasche talons (siphon and gr avity feeds) both currently with a 0.38 tip. Dropped one and need to replace it. Would going to a larger set up allow me to do?
as far as i can tell, a larger tip and needle will allow more paint to flow so you could use something with a huge tip for things like large murals where you just need to block out the color. ex: painting the black background of a space scene, or the blue sky of a landscape.
Prob not worth the effort..If anything I'd suggest buying a smaller tip, if Paasche has such available..Most artists 0.5 tips are left in the box unless as mentioned above ya doing some decent size work but your .38 will still achieve that, just pump the pressure up and open that bugger to full flow..It wont be hugely different to what the 0.5 may do..

If though you can go smaller, get one of them instead as it will then allow you to look at and achieve easily the higher detail stuff that the 0.38 may not achieve...GL
Like Rebel said going with the .25 setup on the gravity feed will give you a nice set of brushes Coast airbrush has what you need and the knowledge to get you set up right give them a call
thank you all for the comments. Gotta review how to open to full flow?
Soz I may have used confusing terminology, all I mean by full flow is after you've pushed the button for airflow, pull back all the way on the trigger, thats kinda whats meant by full flow..The full flow of the 0.38 and say a 0.5 won't be all that different as we are only talking an extra 0.1 of a mm..It obviously will increase the paint flow and the width of the spray pattern but again prob not to a degree its that useful, especially in the early days..GL
I have 2 Talon gravity feed brushes and use one with the .25 mm, and the other with the .38 mm needle. Keep in mind that the smaller needle is for finer line details but also means you'll be working very close to the surface. I've snagged more than 1 needle by making contact. If you go to the other extreme Talon also has a .66 mm needle and even a fan cap for this needle size. This can be used for laying down a large amount of paint quickly like for a base coat. This setup works best on the bottom feed brush since you have the choice of a larger paint reservoir.