Dinair desperation



I bought a Dinair Personal Pro kit about a year ago just to try a new method of everyday makeup. I have no complaints about it working just for that, but recently I've been messing around with the idea of using it for body art/tattoos & such. I've noticed that the airbrush seems really inconsistent as far as how well it works.

The paints I've used are:
-the Dinair colors that came with the kit from airbrushmakeup.com
-Ben Nye MagiColor liquid
-ProAiir Hybrid makeup from showoffsba.com
-Palmer's Face and Body Paint diluted with water (completely horrible idea?)

Dinair makes "shimmer" paints that have like, microscopic glitter pieces, and these seem to clog the airbrush more than anything, though I can't find another post about this anywhere on google. Recommendations?

Overall, the brush is really unpredictable. It ends up looking & acting very splattery. I love it for daily foundation, but when I practice "body painting" for extended time, I end up cleaning it more than actually painting. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just buy another airbrush for body painting? ...Or is the problem just the tiny compressor? Are there any VERY cheap guns that could be compatible with the Dinair compressor?

Any recommendations would really help.I'm mostly just worried the issues will get worse & soon I won't even be able to use it for basic foundation. Any cheap alternatives for body art would work fine as I'm just about as new & not serious as one can get.

Thanks to anyone who can help!! ^.^
Hi welcome to the forum, sorry but I'm not familiar with that set up. Pop over to the intro section say hi and tell us about yourself, and hopefully you'll catch the eye of someone who can help.
i agree wtih squishy try the introduction section so when can know and greet you properly.as far body paint the only knowledge that i can share with you is that you should try an iwata syphon fed eclipse or revolution,as far as i know they do a really nice job on body paint.

hope this helps!!!
Hi Victoria - I started off with temp tats and pretty much blew everything out the ABs as is - not knowing much i didn't mess with any other paints and colours until recently. the point here is that the general rule of thumb is that the liquid to be sprayed out the AB must be about the consistency of milk. AND the finer the AB nozzle the finer the pigments need to be to not clog. I suggest finding a cheap (or expensive ) AB that can have a nozzle of 0.4 or bigger for the shimmer - BUT that really depends how microscopic those glitter pieces are. It might be a simpler idea to use a normal hairy brush for the shimmer?
Hi! Thank you, and yes I know I should get another one. This one is just too great with my normal makeup and I know one day I'm going to run it into the ground and mess that up ahahah. I'm pretty sure I've got the consistency down, the makeup I use is the kind that is made for the AB & I always shake it forever just to be sure. Oddly enough, the shimmer was made for it too. I guess not many people have had the issue. It'll spray fine, then start barely working, then there's an explosion of shimmer. Oh and I'm looking at it now, the glitter is just about as close to microscopic as it could get. Honestly, the nozzle could just have gotten slightly bent or something as the manufacturer neglected to state the importance of being careful with it.

Either way, I would love to find a new gun that isn't so moody just so that I don't have to walk on eggshells around it lol. I'm just not sure where to find one that would be compatible with the compressor as I'm pretty sure it only goes up to about 15 PSI and has one of those hoses that just pops on, not screws. I'll honestly go for the cheapest one I can find lol.
compatibility is more a question of the right fittings and getting the PSI right for the paint and the airbrush - others here know a lot more than I about that. 15 psi sounds very low - have you checked that you can raise the psi?
new guns are awesome though :)
Hi Ivictorial,
I had a quick look at this kit and for those of you who don't know, it is for doing personal makeup. The compressor is a tiny little thing so it wouldn't surprise me if it will only go to 15 psi. I thought I'd mention this because most people on this website (that I've seen) use paint and have bigger compressors to handle paint, including body paint.

I can imagine that the airbrush has problems with the glitter makeup even though it is supposed to go through the airbrush supplied. It sounds like it is gathering in the nozzle and then coming out in a spurt because the glitter is too big to come through. If you can increase the psi I would and you could try diluting (with bottled water) the glitter makeup to see if that helps. If that doesn't work I suggest you either buy another airbrush with a bigger needle and nozzle set up for the glitter or do as flycatchr says and use a makeup brush for the glitter makeup.

Good luck, Mel