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Whilst I am the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy note 3 which comes with supplied own stylus making it ideal for my clumsy big fingers, my poor wife is not so lucky, I got sick of her moaning about how difficult it was for her to operate her smaller smartphone keyboard so I had to do something about.

I'm sure many of you have wanted to lob your while having to wrestle both the keyboard and that damn predictive text function, well help is now at hand although it going to cost you a whopping $000-00, I'm sorry I couldn't find anything cheaper than this but apparently it doesn't exist, lol

Anyway, for those of you who like me refuse to pay for anything we could make ourselves, I found the following;

here are all the items you will need;

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As you can see, one piece of aluminium cooking foil, one cotton bud and one pair of scissors, using the scissors simply cut your foil into a rectangle big enough cover the area you see here in the next photo;

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As you can see from this photo 150 years of alcohol abuse is still taking it's toll however I think you can still see that the idea is to wrap the foil around your cotton bud as tightly as possible leaving around 2 mm of the cotton fibres exposed, when your done you will end with something looking like this;

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Instructions for use, lol, simply moisten the exposed fibres on your almost dry tongue, or lick your hand and dab it, then you can use this to operate your keyboard while actually being able to see what your doing, now I doubt if there is anyone on this forum who is more stupid than what I am, but in the unlikely event that there is, PM me and I'll send you the full 74 page manual in PDF format, lol

AAAAAND, I know the question now on all of your minds "But Madbrush, how does this work", well I'll explain it, and this is my favourite bit. cos I get to sound like I know what I'm on about, lol;

Your phone's screen has a capacitive touch screen, what this means is that your screen has a small voltage running evenly through it, when you touch the screen the electricity from your body slightly changes this voltage and a processor inside your phone converts this to a command relative to the coordinates where you touched.

This very complicated device which you have now made simply send the signals your finger would have made down the foil to the cotton fibres and the slightly moistened tip completes the circuit fooling your phone into thinking it has been fingered.:whistling:;):)

Have a go, have fun and let me know how you get on.

Note: this was not my own idea, I came across it a while ago when I had another phone.

@Mr.Micron I should point out that this items unfortunately doesn't work with WW2 field phones with wind up handles:p:p:p
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For the techies who like to see the insides of gadgets and see how it all works, you could replace the foil with sellotape, and be amazed at how all those complicated parts come together.
For the techies who like to see the insides of gadgets and see how it all works, you could replace the foil with sellotape, and be amazed at how all those complicated parts come together.

LOL, but then the Damn thing wouldn't work, that's why I made that huge list of parts:p
bet you Micron tries it anyways and gets it to work by use use of his mystical powers same way he reads this thread from a puddle of water with a koi swimming around
...and you can stick the other end in your ear for easy storage when not in use....lol

That was the the idea, it's a multipurpose tool for both keyboard operation and for cleaning the ears out after a good dressing down from misses per telephone:)
Well, I've been playing around quite a bit after the success of this, I thought I'll have a go at something more substantial, my wife is now using this one and she loves it.

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This is obviously just a pen, but the pen casing is metal and the chrome part at the front although plastic is still conductive, I removed the inner workings and nib and replaced these with a piece of 2mm carbon fibre rod which is also conductive due to its high graphite content (carbon) so all the components are ideal sono need to lick this one, :)
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I don't understand how these things works but this looks like a good and cheap emergency fix. I bought a pack of 10 styluses/stylee on ebay for $2 and that included shipping to South Africa.
Anyone also have the thought that a stylus might make a half decent texturing tool?

It already exists, the only difference is I used carbon fibre here but the ones that exist now have fibre glass instead, if you tried this one on paper you would have the effect of a graphite drawing is being instantly erased:confused:
Might be worth looking into, when my techno-impaired neice comes to call.
She might be short a sytlus when she leaves, hah!
Then again, the world could implode and unless it's posted on facebook, she'd never notice.lol