distance guide- how many use it?



Hello friends, I was wondering how many of you fellas use the distance guide via dialing in a set amount amount on the rear chuck? I honestly haven't been relying on it at all because I felt like as a beginner it's important for me to get a feel for the where the "sweet spots" are on the trigger for getting the correct flow that you want. Now that I've somewhat familiarized myself with most of the basics and am making a few first attempts at eyes, noses, etc, I could venture a guess the distance guide is useful for very specifically sized features. How often do you guys use this thing? Would you say daily or only in rare cases?
I agree with AndreZA It is a cool feature but I never use it. I have tried it a couple of time but really did not find it that much of a help.
Maybe using Illustration inks it may be more useful.
yup agree, have one on my velocity but dont use it, a cut away handle would be much better for me, i cant paint with the rear of my brush off as the way i hold my brush i would constantly bend the needle