distressed scraped effect



I was over on the airbrush asylum youtube page and stumbled across Dru Blairs videos on texture from his workshops. man I'd love to attend one. I noticed there was an effect I supose he covered where is looked like black was sprayed over a colored surface and then scraped away. maybe it was dry brushed or something.

I paint small fishing reel seats and am trying to learn and grow as much as i can to offer different textures. Does anyone have a good source for a bunch of texture effects in maybe a dvd or something? So far i've only been able to come up with the typical rock/granite etc.

Also can anyone shed some light on the black over color scraped look? almost looks like those scratch off tickets with silver over words.
so do you put down a intercoat between your grey and white?

I'm assuming you let everything cure up properly before using the sandpaper?