Diy start/stop function for cordless compressor

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Hello everyone,

I'm new there, and new enthusiasts in airbrush.

Sorry for my English from Portugal.

I acquired one chinese cordless compressor, and it's very weak. So I open to see what is inside. And it's a aquarium pump with 3.7v cell. I try to get up the voltage to 8v and works better, but the motor never stops. So I want to make a start stop function, . I have seen some pressure sensor but didn't find what I want.
I think I need a pressure switch, or something like that.
Maybe capacitive sensor

Some one as do it?

Or some one as a cordless with start /stop function and can send pictures from the inside of the cordless compressor. To see the difference between.

Thank you
Welcome to the forum!

For many of us, English is our second language so don't worry about that.
If the pump was originally designed to run on 3.7V and you are putting 8V on it, it will most likely fail soon as it will be stressed beyond its design limits.
I'm not familiar with these but I'd think you'd need a pressure switch in series with the power switch but can't comment on feasibility.

i love a good diy and recycle and its great to see your idea is to adapt it to work for your needs.
My thoughts would be the cost in adjusting the one you have must be getting along to the price of just buying the versions that do have a stop start function and those probably work slightly more powerfully too. I'd also worry about how cheaply made these things are made and if it would hold up to being adapted, so if you do diy it make sure you check all wiring is good and not going to be a health or safety hazard.

before these came to the market you use to be able to buy compressed air bottles - I have also used this style of portable air before too and they worked a lot better than the cheapy portable compressor i tried out.
i'm not sure if you can still get the compressed air bottles but if i can thats what i think i will use for portable spraying until i find a better version of these. i have bought one of these and i used it once and its been chucked to one side ever since - i wasn't overly impressed with its ability especially compared to a proper compressor and brush set up.

what are you wanting to paint and do you have access to mains electric, because if you do a cheapy plugged into a wall compressor and tank will be 100x better than the rechargable or even the compressed air bottle versions.


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