Do I say RIP to my HP-B



Hi all,
yesterday I was spraying some test samples with my Iwata HP-B, not the plus version. After I finished, a big part of dried paint fell from the cup into the needle area, so I decided to take the nozzle off so I can blow the paint out. I have used the wrench included in the set, and as I was turning it, 3/4 of the thread of the nozzle stayed inside, and the rest of the nozzle came out.:eek::eek::eek:
My nozzle snapped off. I cannot disassemble that part, where the thread is (I think all of that is part of the main body).

Any idea what to try, or just to say my last words to it, and finish with RIP :cry::cry::cry:.

Thank you.
You should be able to shove a toothpick in there and turn it counterclockwise. The threads should come out.
One heck of advice, @jagardn. It did not work with toothpicks, since they would get deformed before they can get a grip on the stuck part.
Luckily, with exacto knife (hobby blade), I was able to get a grip and take the part slowly out. I hope that I did not damaged the inner threads, but after looking under magnifying glass all seems OK.
Now I hope they still sale nozzle for HP-B, and if not, I hope the HP-B+ nozzle is a good fit for mine. I have to get confirmation from the vendor, probably coastairbrush.

Here is my old nozzle. Maybe a CA glue can fix it, :laugh::laugh::laugh:

Thanks again.


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Thanks, I have found the right part (I-080-2), I just need to order it from somewhere. Prices are from $26 for $45 for the same part. :confused::confused::confused:
Damn, $9 shipping for $26 part.
Just two weeks ago I have ordered some paint and needles from them. I wish I knew that I need the nozzle, too. :mad:
I called them and they do not use USPS to get it cheaper, :-(