Do it by yourself: Really cheap home made paint-tube and airbrush holder



Hi ladies n gents. Still waiting for airbrush parts by e-shop so i used the free time to clean, set up and adjust my workspace :)
Here are some tips how to get really cheap way to sort your paints and hold your airbrush while you not using it:

I find out great and cheap way to sort out my paints by medical tubes. Its good because one costs 6 euro-cents ( 0,06€ ). It is made by plastic, are really smooth inside, got perfect closing that holds paint as it is ( not drying ) for way longer than any of pots I used before ( glass flasks, botles or orig. wicked empty pots ) It is great if you use many tones of colors mixing by yourself as I do...
Material I used is compresed polystyrene plates and toluol as glue. ( I got spare by using it for design models before and got to get rid of it ) but you can use any other material thats easy to get... wooden board ( paper board of boxes by shoes etc. ) Recycling rules :)
Only thing you got to do is some cutting, boring and using some glue if you like.
pic 1: you can see parts I used for this project...
pic 2: is way I put tubes holder together after i cutted all parts.
pic 3: Is the holder with tubes. Theres lil problem by tubes falling too deep but its easy solved when I add small label with color name close to closinh so it wont fall too deep. To see what color is inside just spray it into the cap or on the holder under tube.
pic 4: is my airbrush holder assambled on the table ( its still need some grinding). You can use screw or other way to hold it but I like to remove it if i need to.
pic 5 is bonus: My current airbrush nest in underground :) theres still some work on it but I am happy I find out the way to give old things 2nd chance. Old furniture, chair, lamps, old Pc using as acces point for internet and media player etc.
I hope this post brings you some inspiration. Getting these things costs me nothing in general as they were alredy at home unused :)