Does this look normal?



Still having issues with airbrush flow. I've tried every fix that I found here and on interweb. Changed whole front assembly twice, new needle, took apart cleaned thoroughly many times. Tried different colors at different psi and vescosity. I still get inconsistent air flow. It sputters,spits, spiders. I have to pull trigger about halfway back to get paint to flow. Posting pics of parts that I think are problem.


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I agree with Jim, check the air valve. That was the issue on my Krome which I fixed with just a extra quarter turn to tighten. I spent days researching...breaking AB multiple times and all it was was a quarter turn to tighten. I had the same problems too..sputters and spits.
Yer there may be an issue with the airvalve but in most cases its allowing air to come through or not, Id still be looking at the head assembly for that kind of problem as sputtering and such can be caused by quite a few things but one of the main things is sucking in air thru the head assembly due to worn threads or bad O-rings/seal. have you tried some beeswax or vaseline on the head assembly thread? If all else fails, try nipping the head up with the lightest of pressure with a pair of pliers. Not something I would generally suggest and of course make sure your needle is not in and tight when ya do so as you may crack the nozzle..Just the lightest of nips on the head assembly (IE not finger tight) can make all the difference. I do it on every breakdown as my brush is about 12 years old and the threads have worn a little, allowing that air in as the venturi effect is designed to suck up paint, it will also suck air through the threads if your not going quite tight enough on the oring. Orings are designed to be compressed to create the seal, perhaps yours if only going finger tight isn't compressing enough and allowing air into the wrong spots..Oh yer when you changed the head assembly did you change that oring? Good luck and hope ya get it sorted..

Oh yer one other thing to look at is your needle locking nut at the back, perhaps its not gripping the needle perfectly and is allowing the needle to slide, only capturing it intermittently. This could be a cause of having to really pull back on ya trigger before you get paint and if it is slipping can also result in the needle not actioning right..Good luck..

A sticky airvalve could also be a prob as mentioned, try that fix also but you should be able to hear an inconsistent flow of air if the valve is sticky, add a cple of drops also of oil on the plunger of the valve, push it down a few times and get some oil on the seals in there..may help..

Oh yer one more thing, make sure the breather hole in your paint jar is clean and its not actually blocked and that the siphon tube isnt blocked up with crud or split anywhere..
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I use lip balm to seal everything after each cleaning. I've tried three different head assemblies. I've been using siphon cup that came with brush. I tightened the air valve tonight and tried it with blue spectratex and it seemed to work a little better. I'll have to check the needle chuck next chance I get. Thank you everyone for the help. I'll let you know how it goes, not that any of you really care. Sniff sniff.:cry:
We do care otherwise we wouldn't be trying to help LOL..I know the pain though, don't stress we all do and I have no doubt you'll get it sorted but its just a case of being systematic and understanding how your airbrush works. Have you tried giving it a bath in thinners, if you do indeed use a chap stick or vaseline to seal your threads, water won't remove it and scrubbing it may put that lip balm into area's ya dont want it..Perhaps some of that lip balm has found its way into the air delivery channels, give it a good 5 minute soak in thinners or remove the head assembly and needle and reconnect it to an air supply and blast some air through it. Point onto a rag or clean cloth and see if lip balm or gunk comes outta those holes..Good luck..And one more thing, ya keep mentioning you've tried new head assembly's, have you actually replaced that oring, have you taken the oring of to see if their is any nicks or cuts. The soak in thinners may help bring it back to life a bit, it tends to swell the orings a touch and it may help..:)
Haven't tried the o-ring thing yet, but have tried everything else. Don't worry not discouraged at all I'm loving it, I'm just a wise a.. Can't help it.
Oh and outta interest, what kind of paint do ya use and are you straining it? Unfortuantly there is just so many things to look at when issues arise LOL..Hope ya get it sorted, I'm outta idea's for ya, gone thru everything I can think of..
Mmm I thought it was an anthem..mine doesn't actually have an o-ring on it, never did and never has but I did buy it 10-12 years ago..perhaps they have changed the design a bit but a silly question, have you tried actually taking the oring off and see what happens? Spectra like any paint can tip dry quite quickly, does it spit and spatter only running water through? If not, maybe some tip dry is involved..Oh yer and I will go back and mention what I need to do with my anthem because it does splatter and miss a touch unless I nip that front assembly on a bit more tighter than finger tight. It seems to help push the nozzle againts the face that little bit harder. Again maybe its slightly a different design in the more later anthem model but maybe worth a try..GL
A bit nervous opening this thread LOL! Wasn't to sure what I was going to see LOL LOL LOL. Anyway, looks like Rebel's got you covered, hope it works out for you.
Yeah just thought it would be funny. Got your attention though didn't it.
I peeked through a crack in my fingers just in case it was something a doc needed to see LOL.
just out of interest, is your compressor a tanked compressor..... what psi are you spraying at also?..... just wondering if its an air pressure/reduction problem and paint not consistently going up tube?
I have 3/4 HP 3 gal compressor I've sprayed at between 15 to 40 psi with both com-art and spectra Tex paints. I have thinned the spectra TeX but not the com-art. The last time I painted I used blue spectra TeX and it worked a little better. I haven't had a chance to paint for about 3 days to try any of Rebels suggestions though, except to tighten the air valve which did let me paint a little bit longer before I had any issues.