Doin a Skateboard Question

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So, I want to do a wooden skateboard (amongst many other things :eagerness: )
Now I have seen the youngsters with them and even a dodgy picture of Mitch with one he painted.
I could do a skateboard tomorrow with my sandblaster and in fill.
BUT which bit do you paint that will last and how?
I see where t=you stand and it normally has some black grip type stuff and underneath, well I see some experts sliding down stairs rails and such which must screw up a good paint job.
Is there a secret to doing them so that they last and can be used and abused by their owners please?


Royal pain in the air hose
Painting a skate board is like painting a demolition derby car ,You know you will get repeat business..
The couple I have painted I used dura tuff clear coating. It is designed for boats to stand up to anything hit in the water.
On board was just a wall hanger for the kid the other he abuses daily.. both still holding up.


Thanks for that Herb, I don't think that they sell dura tuff in the UK but I imagine it has a different name here.
I will look it up. Especially if it's for boats.