Dots and lines


Kris Bates

I guess my question is where should I post this. I just wanted to share how I'm going with my practice sheets so far. Iwata HP C plus, wicked paints.image.jpg
For now here is fine, But usually when you start doing actual paintings you will want to post them here:
This is a great start on learning control of your airbrush and if you get bored of painting dots and line then make those dots and line make a painting ..
I always suggest skulls just cause they are cool and easy .
I agree with Mr Micron about the skulls, easy one to start with.
The practice sheets so far show that you're learning to control your 'brush just fine.
Whilst these seem easy, they're a bit more difficult than you think.
It's only by repetition do we learn the control necessary to make good paintings, so it's all good.
A little more speed on the lines will improve them, as you seem to have good control of the paint flow already which is important too!
Well done and keep up the good work, it'll pay off in your first work, I can assure you.
Thanks for that guys. I'm too nervous to start a bit of art because I think I'm going to make a hell of a mess of it. With the skulls would you recommend using a stencil of some sort?
Don't be nervous Kris, I still make a heck of a mess:laugh:, but it is my mess and I am at least getting a little better at it! Give it a try and see:) You might surprise yourself! Heck, I still struggle with dots and lines:cry:
don't be nervous about starting a piece of 'art' - whats the worse that can happen ? the world explodes, the zombies appear... No, !
Jump in and pick something you like, it could be a skull, a flower, a particular model of car or bike and if you aren't confident enough to tackle the whole picture, just pick an interesting section and work on that.
Its all positive once you start, you find out just how much control you have, and how to apply the techniques you've been practicing with the dots and daggers. and then you have a starting point, once you're done, date it and store it, no matter how bad you think it is.
in a few months once you've done a few more pieces, pull it out and look at it and compare it. you'll be amazed at how much you've improved.

Above all you realise how much fun it is. yes, the learning curve can be a pain but I even find that fun !
That is some great advice, thanks. I've booked myself into a airbrush course that starts next month, hopefully that will help with my confidence.

Lol I love the bit about the world exploding and zombies jackEb
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Pick anything you like and go for it , It is only paint and even the ones that have been painting for years makes mistakes or have mishaps happen .
Plus making mistake is only half the fun learning to fix those mistakes is the other half...>LOL
And you can use a stencil to map out the skull if you want. But remember just mist in some color to give you just that a map of what you want. then go in a free hand the shapes and shadows .