Double trouble compressor finally finished!



It is finally finished. Got all the parts and it works great. It is a compressor for my workshop so it is not going to be moved much, but I've put wheels on it so it can be moved around the room.
I love my quiet compressor. It was just about free. If the compressor dies ill just get another freebie to replace it. You will enjoy it.

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That compressor looks doityourselfable great. The airtank looks like a tank from a heating system to me, and the automatic switch from an regular compressor. Can you explain a little bit more how you builded it
You are right Toni. It is a regular compressor switch with blowoff valve , tank is from a small hydrosystem, used a small moisture trap to cach the oil from compressors.
This way you get no oil in the tank and if there is a condensat buildup it will not drain back in the comp's .
The switch has a 6 bar safety valve.
So you used two refugerator compressors, lead the air to a a moisture trap into the heating reservoir tank through a three way pipe. The buildup air realeases on the top of the three way pipe into the automatic switch?
Please correct me if i'm wrong.
Sitni, one question, did you put a one way valve/check valve on each line from the compressors so that they will not be working against each other? Or do you think this not necessary?
No smooftie I didn't put the valves. Was planing to thou, but the valves I have are 4mm and I used 8x6x1 hose so they don't fit :(.
It works fine as is so I am not gonna be using check valves .
There are fridge compressors with internal no-return valve so, you don't need to install one on each line of the fridge compressors, but I advise to intall one between the tank and the place where the two lines ( of each compressor ) join.
Jedi the tank has a valve and the switch is with blow off function so when the comp stops working there is no pressure in the hose.
Jedi the tank has a valve and the switch is with blow off function so when the comp stops working there is no pressure in the hose.
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I was just completing the answer to smooftie! :D There's nothing wrong with your compressor! I made one two a year ago and runs great! 25lt tank! Now I have a project that is on hold for a 100 lt tank and 4 fridge compressor. I already have 3 compressors, misses 1.. I'm waiting for someone to give me one or looking for one in the scrapyard! Here is mine! P1060313_1.jpg
The 100lt layout will be like this one! :D
Nice work there Jedi !Did you use a one way valve between the two comps?
No, the valve you're talking about is optional in this case, because the power of the two compressors are equal. In case of having different powers on the two compressors is better to have a one way valve ( just in the case of having a huge gap of power between them, for example: compressor1 with 1hp and compressor2 with 1/16hp.. only to not overstress the weakest, but even on that case they will run, the only difference is on the air flow ). I didn't use them, the metalic juntions that you see on the photo are from hydraulics lines, just playing safe! :D
My compressor has a solenoid valve controlled by the power. While it is running, the valve is open.