drafting lines?



G`day guys
I looking for advice on what you use for laying out your drafting lines on painted surfaces, can you use chinagraph pencils or will they cause problems? I`ve heard of using a pounce wheel and chalk dust but i`m worried about smudging the lines or removing them totally while i still need them.
What do you guys use?
Saral paper. It comes in different colours and if you put some under an image you can trace it directly onto your surface. A chinagraph pencil is good too for free sketching.
The old school method of covering the back of your drawing with graphite from your pencil lead and then tracing it onto your substrate still works great too...
I`m doing the image on the lid of my laptop which is almost black and plastic, so i was looking for a light coloured line and something that wouldnt brush off.
Thanks anyway wickedartstudio