DX's 1st week



His every one. Today is my one week adversity air brushing. Yay lol finally got my hands on an air brush been wanting to for a while. I bought a master g23. here is my 1st weeks worth of projects. Feed back more then welcomed.

Did this one after running thought the practice sheets 1 time.

for my 1st real attempt at something I deiced to do the space scene.
did this one as a practies run for a t shirt I want to make soon.
never finished the teeth on this one. Played around with a piece of frisket on this one for the nose eyes and eyes sockets.
after building up the white realized I put the reference lines into darkly so I put it to the side did the one bellow then came back and colored it.
take 2
my dad said i do to meany skulls so I did a zombie that's different right lol
oh back to skulls. Air brush wasn't behaving to day so I did this one kinda fast.

Thanks for looking
Please make an introduction in the Introduction section, and tell us more about you, your equipment paint etc. it will make it easier to give you advice :)
Ok will do. Was going to add that stuff to my sig like others do but i need more posts 1st. :)
8 paintings in week and not a one of the dots , dagger strokes or lines...Hmmm granted these are good for a first go , But practice of control is the key . Having good reference photos or sketches are very helpful .
With references you could have been able to see the depth in that piece and worked that into these pieces to really have the WOW factor.
Yeah I know Ive been slacking on the practise sheets. Have done some just didnt take pics of them.
Trided painting on metal for the 1st time to day. Used a test piece of armor to try it on.
Way difrent then the paper didn't really get the psi dialed in to well till the very end. Even then not well.
For this to work on metal, as with most other things, preparation is the key.
Make certain that your painting surface is 100% clean and even, otherwise it will mar your finished work.
Be aware of overspray, wipe it or otherwise remove it from the edge areas.
On this piece, I'm assuming that you have used a stencil [ and a nice one, at that!] but you still have some visible overspray on the right hand side of your image.
I know it's hard to beat, but if you really want that pro look, take care of the small details like this.
It'll make your works stand out!
Otherwise, very well done.
Cheers from Splasha
Thank you for the tips splasha. I did clean the piece first . I was going for a stenciled look to it as its the symbole of a group I belong to.

I had trouble with the frisket not sticking after a little bit. What looks like over spray is the beings of some light dagger stroke back ground that didn't get picked up by my camera. As far as even there are 3 ridges that are purposely there. Its called fluteing which is a technique used to make armor stronger.