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Easy fishing lure sbs(muskie/pike)

Discussion in 'Step by Step' started by basepaint, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. basepaint

    basepaint Air-Valve Autobot! Very Likeable!

    Feb 18, 2014
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    west virgina
    Thought I would post how I make a fishing lure for Muskie/Pike.

    1. cut out lure shape and round over all edge's and cut slot for bill. pic #1
    2. Drill 3/8 holes in bottom of lure to add weight.(I Use lead but you can use ball bearing,fishing weight or the like) I Drilled three in this in the back part two in the front and fill almost to the top with lead.
    3. mix up some auto filler and cover holes,and after its set up sand smooth
    4.using a wood sealer seal all wood parts,when dry add another coat.let dry 24 hours. at this point your lure should look like picture#1
    5.Now for paint,I prime my lures with white or black depending on what colors I plan on using
    in this one I prime them with bright white createx and heat set the paint
    then I used pearl white and sprayed thru some small netting to make it look like scales.
    6.Next I paint the back and sides of the lure( these were easy as the guy wanted a plan green backed picture#2 and a silver/dark gray) you can paint anything you want as some of the pictures show
    7. I add eyes and gills to the head of the lure picture#3
    8. I put my mark on the bottom of the lure (U.J.B)
    9. I put on 30 min. epoxy mixed with some fine glitter to give it some pop.
    10. Put lure on lure turner to keep the epoxy from running and keep it smooth letting it run till the epoxy sets up picture#5(dry to the touch) then in this case put the two parts together ,add split rings and hooks and go fishing (last picture) enjoy

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  2. Basstrack238

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    Sep 12, 2015
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    Illinois USA

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