Easy nozzle replacement

Visual Realm

Skull King
Just thought id throw this up on here as i know people struggle with getting these tiny threaded nozzles on. Heres a quick and easy trick to help you get them on safely without cross threading or just dropping them and losing them.

With the nozzle off, i feed my needle through till it sticks out about a 1/4 of an inch like seen in the pic.

Then i CAREFULLY put the nozzle on the end of the needle till it meets the threads like here...
Then just give it a few twists to get the threads started. Pull your needle out then snug it up with your wrench. Done!!

Hope this helps with future cases of getting frustrated with getting the nozzle on!

Side note: If you have a spare needle that is slightly damaged that you are not using, i recommend using that to help line up your nozzle to your threads. This way you dont run the risk of damaging the needle you are using in your brush.
It's all so simple when you know how.
Thanks for that VR, that's going to save me an awful lot of cursing :)
Was it so good you had to post twice Jord? LOL

Thanks guys, just tryin to help with the struggle. One day it dawned on me, why dont i try this? Ive been doing it ever since. No dropped nozzles that i have to get out the spelunking gear to find it lol Plus its an easy way to line up the threads, so theres no fear in cross threading.