Easy to build useful drawing/Airbrushing Table



Hey folks thought I would show off a little of ahhhhh what we down south call southern engineering.
This table isn't all that hard to build here is the parts list
1 10' 1x2
2 8'. 1x2
A sheet of cabinet side plywood 24x22"

Cut two 3' pieces from the 1/3 and 2-2' foot pieces stay as square as you can in your cuts. Use the 2' pieces as your legs and the two 3 foot as your uprights
Now you will need to decide how wide you want the table mine is 24x22 use the 1x2" to build a square you can either use L brackets to mount your cross slats or drill through the sides into the ends of your cross pieces and screw them together.
We have Lowes as our hardware store here but you should be able to find the following our close to it.
Gate house friction lid support left and right
2 1" 1/4x1" pass through washers mounts into the top of the uprights to allow the bolts to pass through into the table and let it swivel
2 1/2 wood-1/4x11/2" x20 stud bolt. This has a wood screw on one end and a machine screw on the other you will screw this into the left and right side of the table about center but even with each other remember stay square the stud passes through the washer in the upright and a nut and washer you can use a butterfly nut to adjust tension
I will make some drawings for clarification but here are some pics
I even made me a light box by putting a glass window in


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LoL sorry for the upside down pics maybe they will be right side up on the other side of the world
That's a great idea and a great build. I've been looking for a drawing table just like that, except I would like it to be height adjustable. Any ideas how to adapt this design so that the height of the table can be adjusted? If you can make some drawings on this design, that would be much appreciated.
Some rough sketches

I forgot to add the second slat on the bottom but you get the idea, the adj height can be done using conduit pipe mounted on the uprights then the table mounted to them 2012-12-29_10-22-39_467.jpg