Eclipse Nozzle Difficult To Remove - Tips?


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Purchased an Iwata wrench today to remove & clean the nozzle. It's an Eclipse purchased a long time ago on FB Marketplace. It seems the previous owner really tightened the nozzle on way too tightly.

Consequently, it's difficult to remove even with the wrench. The nozzle housing (don't know what it's called) turns within my fingertips with each attempt to loosen the nozzle. A rubber band wrapped around the housing helps with grip, but thus far the nozzle remains firmly in its place. This is my first time doing this, so quite concerned about causing damage.

Presently, I do not seem to have anything else to grip the nozzle housing with. Any suggestions?

Thank you


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OK I'm new at this. And my Eclipse isn't the same as yours, but it's my understanding you should not remove the nozzle from the carrier.
(The brass part).
For what purpose are you trying to remove it?

Thanks for the picture BTW.

Someone who knows more will be here shortly I'm certain.
JB, I've been trying to remove it for cleaning purposes. I had used it with India ink some time ago. The ink has left considerable residue here & there so assumed the nozzle would need attention

2Diverse, thank you! Kinda goofy I drove across three towns to get the wrench only to discover I don't need it - such is life! 2D, is there a specific length the needle should protrude from the front of the brush. For example, in the image above, does that seem about right?

FWIW, in this video at around 1:24 she removes the nozzle from its housing. As I am a complete noob, I had no idea there were brushes that did not have a removable nozzle! Live & learn!
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2D & JB (and whomever else), the Eclipse I have here shows HP-CS on the side, so perhaps it's supposed to be removable after all as part of the HP series? I defer to your experience. At this point, I think I may very well leave it - but this is just for interest and further analysis.

Here's the nozzle on the Iwata page & mine - they appear similar.


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Well again, I have one but that makes me zero on the expert scale, up from -2 but not much further. 🤣
Mine does not have a nozzle tip like that. So that is different. I just put the whole carrier in my cleaning solution.

We do have people who use India ink, and some who clean up / restore old brushes with who knows what in them so I'm sure they will help you better.

Unless you are in a huge hurry, I'd wait for the day crew to come on board before trying any more disassembly, could be the ink has seized the nozzle. I do know you don't want to scratch the carrier though, it won't seal again.

2D can probably help with the cleaning aspect though, he is really good at that. Does great resto work.
Not in a hurry to screw up by brush, JB! lol
Every step has been a good learning experience, so it is what it is and I'm happy for it.

I also purchased some interdental cleaners (soft flexible brush), so I'll give it some cleaning action with that. Thus far I've found Isopropyl alcohol and Windex seem to work well together as a cleaning agent.
Sorry for the confusion about the tool. I meant HP series without the word Eclipse on the brush. That would include the HP series, HP High Line and Micron.

This is how the HP (non Eclipse) and other series mount. There is no brass piece they go into.

I would think yours is not designed to come apart.

I appreciate JBs saying I do good resto work. DaveG and Ismael do a more thorough job than I. I have an ultrasonic cleaner that I use so that helps.

My first go to cleaning wise is Medea Airbrush cleaner and a drop of Dawn dish soap in the ultrasonic. If that doesn't get it it's on to lacquer thinner. No, I do not soak the brush in LT, just the nozzle and air cap.
If you looked at my KopyKake thread that is what the non Eclipse HP series brushes look like. They have the angled air channel. The KK is exactly like an Iwata HP-B brush. There is also an HP-A, HP-C and HP-SB. The nozzle screws into the head. The HP-A, B and SB come standard with a 0.20mm needle/nozzle. The HP-C comes with a 0.30mm needle/nozzle.

And if you can see it in post #9 that should be about as much needle that sticks out.
Continuing looking into & cleaning this Eclipse, part of the cap or crown(?) doesn't want to unscrew. I am assuming this part should come off (circled in red). I've tried removing it to no avail, and do not have any 'soft' tools around the house. Any suggestions?
Of course, I appreciate all the input very much!


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Since I do not have a pair of soft jaw pliers I use a good quality leather belt loop that I wasn't using in a regular set of pliers. I also use a length of inner tube, usually folded in half for added protection. You do NOT want to mar the surface with the pliers so you need to use extreme care.
Continuing looking into & cleaning this Eclipse, part of the cap or crown(?) doesn't want to unscrew. I am assuming this part should come off (circled in red). I've tried removing it to no avail, and do not have any 'soft' tools around the house. Any suggestions?
Of course, I appreciate all the input very much!
It's possible that part might be seized with paint. Maybe giving it a soak in cleaning solution or hot water might help?
The Nozzle holder and nozzlecap do come apart. Give it a good soak in cleaner and hot water and it should come apart. For the nozzle which is two part 0,35 mm there is no need to take it apart. Go in through the back with dental brush or sharpend toothpick to clean. You can also use an old needle but careful please. Make sure there is no paint or damages on the bottom taper which seals the nozzle to the airbrushbody. Then you should be good to go again. 👍
The Eclipse nozzle on the .35 is not supposed to be removed from the brass carrier. The .5 Eclipse has a one piece brass nozzle with no silver tip. To loosen the nozzle cap from the air cap, you can try soaking in warm water with some ISO alcohol added. The wrench will fit the air cap and as mentioned a piece of leather should help around the nozzle cap.
sorry I'm late 😆
this will show you what parts 'should' seperate and as you have found out, yes the air cap should seperate BUT the tiny nozzle and the brass holder DO NOT seperate, they are purchase as one unit (Number 5)

Interdental brushes (not the ones with the wire core) are great for cleaning small areas of the airbrush and I find them super handy on the threads.
be careful when cleaning the nozzle, they can easily be damaged but not obvious when you look at it (a jewellers magnifier is handy)
I suggest you buy some soft jaw pliers for the future, they are a good thing to have in your tool kit. Just remember never ever ever overtighten
anything on the airbrush, brass is very soft and will distort if overtightened.

be careful you don't soak anything rubber in your Isopropyl / windex cleaning, it will likely cause issues with the o-rings and please don't inhale while spraying Iso through your airbrush it will do nasty irreparable damage to your lungs.