ehh up



hi all, been airbrushing about 18 months now and just been on a course with a few awesome people (you know who you are) to advance my skills and was told a few times about this amazing airbrush forum so decided to join and meet some more awesome airbrush people :welcoming:
Welcome home AbesArt nice to have you here.. Better watch this lot they are a wild bunch..
hey mate, welcome along, I think I know which people you are on about.......did they look like they where in love?
Hello mate and welcome aboard, I think I could be one of those most awesome of people oozing awesomeness!! yeah it was an intense and worth while course! Glad to see you aboard this jolly ship:). Yes fezzly, Mitch was in love with my sheer awesomeness!!!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:applause: