electric eraser

hey there bart.... the electric eraser will take very fine details out for you.... also it will erase right back to your board which would take a bit of work with a normal eraser or a pencil eraser (faber castell perfection for instance)
the white insert is a soft tip the grey is a hard tip, both produce different effects...
paint should be dry within seconds of hitting the board anyhow so my answer is you erase when paint is dry.

this is a must have tool!!!
"also it will erase right back to your board"

Sorry but what does it mean?
i mean.... your substrate.. your paper or illustration board.. the electric eraser with a grey insert, will erase all paint.... totally.. completely until it is pure white
aaa ok:) now I understand :)
But can I erase to the pure white when the paper has a texture? Or I can do it only when the surface is smooth?
a smooth surface is better but you will still get close to pure white even with texture.... maybe the grey insert would be a little to rough.... to abrasive so maybe the white tip would be better for paper
I just ordered one yesterday myself... Should be here tomorrow... that and a mac valve...
guys get it from foxy studio if you pay a little extra for this model..... NE60BD Electric Eraser set | Foxy Studio | Foxy Studio you can even attach a mains adaptor for when you batteries are flat.... pick yourself up a kneadable eraser and some of the faber castell double enders!!!!! oooeer

I have this same model, it only cost me €10 at Harrolds in Rotterdam, it wasn't in a case but it has all the erasers except the wide ones, but I never use the thing, I find it difficult to control and too vicious.
The one without the case can not take power adapters and does not have the grinding stones.
The one without the case can not take power adapters and does not have the grinding stones.

When I said it doesn't have the wide erasers I meant of course the grinding stones, but in the pictures in the link they look more like polishing wheels , but with or without the ability to attach a cable (that would just get in my way anyway), the thing is useless to me, I would much rather just erase by hand or scratch.

But they can both take rechargeable batteries, so there isn't much need to be tripping over power adapters.
It looks like an old model Helix. I have a new Helix and a Derwent. I have actually taken Dremel , conical grinding stones, and wrapped the shank with tape to fit in my helix. The shipping to the US for that model would make it not worth the price.
I don't have a battery charger andi don't like the drop off in power once batteries get below 50 percent. .... This one is ideal for me..
I was a big supporter of rechargeable batteries untill I tried a set op disposables. Rechargeables are only 1.2v and normal ones 1.5v. You get a bit more oomph. And I have the same set in my one from Foxy studio as when I put it in in July last year. And it's no name brand batteries as well.