Electric erasers... any recommendations?


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Hi all - what the title says! Any particular recommendations? Anything specifically to look out for? Cheers Mark
There are lots on discussions on here about them, try doing a search.
I have just started using a DERWENT and it seems to be ok, it has lots of power and don't slow if I press a bit.
I have a Derwent and a Magic NE60BD which is the one with a Mains connection (you can buy them battery only) http://www.foxystudio.com/product/ne60bd-electric-eraser/ this one comes with an EU mains adapter. Mine didn't but I have an adapter at home if I need it but I have used Rechargable batteries and I've only needed to change them once since I bought it 6 months ago. However I am sure I do not use mine anywhere near as much as Haasje does :) The Magic seems to be called different names but the NE60 is the same I think and the BD is for the Dulux model with the mains connector at the bottom so it can run on batteries or mains. Anyway I find the NE60 better and it has two kinds of eraser, white is soft and gray is hard, the erasers are also thinner than the Derwent. You could modify the Derwent by crimping the eraser holder part, AndreZA has put up photos of how to do that on this Forum so you could search for that and then the thinner erasers will fit. Derwent is batteries only.
I bought mine from Chicago Airbrush Supply, and, I use rechargeable batteries...they do love batteries!!
im in the UK and have been using a derwent , on paper and canvas the white rubbers are pretty much useless and i cant find any of the ink remover refills anywhere , so ive taken to using a belt punch on garryflex 240grit blocks and putting them in it which works a bit better.
If you hate having to go out merely to get batteries, consider the AFMAT electronic eraser! A single purchase contains a substantial quantity of clamps, erasers, and so much more, making it ideal for frugal artists. To put it another way, it saves you both time and money!
I replaced all my Derwent ones with these that I got from my Chinese market. They are much more comfortable and the motor feels stronger. And it has fat and thin erasers.

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I have a cheap one from Hobby Lobby that works, but the slightest amount of pressure slows it down. I have a Helix in the mail. That seems to be the brand most on the webz are using. I'll report back.