enlarging and printing off in multiple A4 sheets.


Max Chickens

Hey again guys...i know this has been done a bit on here, but i just found this site that you can use to upload your Cheetahs and Denise Richards outlines onto, enlarge them, split them, then print them off on printer friendly A4...i tired a few programs but most either weren't intuitive or didnt work on my mac (most were the latter)

anyways i found this helpful as im a bit of a rock ape when it comes to computers. its prolly not as good and doesnt have as many functions as a program that you can download but its simple easy and free!!

and for all you mac uses out there....what do you guys use to do the same thing?

heres the site guys
Block Posters - Create large wall posters from any image for free!

hope someone finds it handy
thi si the site i have been using for a while now :)
I recently stumbled across this site as well. Have used it once and worked out well! I thought it was top secret until I seen this thread!!! Haaaaa!!!J/K
I use a site called "Poster Razor" It makes tiled blow ups .I use it for my model plane plans bentoad