Erasing and scratching.



Would I be correct in believing that wicked illustration colour will allow erasing and scratching easier that regular wicked.

I find that I am not able to ersase the wicked colours once on the paper.

Am I doing something wrong. Can you get hard eraser tips for electric erasers?

ad fez

you are correct about the illustration colours, they should allow erasing alot easier.... with wicked the moreyou reduce it the easier it is to erase but the more layers you have to apply/erase each time..... not sure about the hard tips buddy but they would be idealif you could get them thats for sure


Sheriff Woody (Admington)
Fezly is correct mate and seamonkster will confirm that as he just used then on that wicked skull his done!
Depends what electric eraser you are using, the Hitex one I believe has a selection of tips, the Faber Castel eraser pencils are superb and used by many. They do a soft(pink) and hard(white) which are excellent and a lot easier to control than the electric ones. You can get them as singles or a double ender they even do ones with a brush on the end.
Erasing only really works well on hard surfaces like illustration board, regular papers a but thin and soft, plus if you begin your erasing early before too many layers it works better.
Hope that helps mate


Air-Valve Autobot!
I agree with both these gentlemen and here by give their responses my stamp of approval ;)
Lol, yes they do erase very easy, almost to easy, even with a pencil eraser.



Air-Valve Autobot!
But also note that you have a limited time to do all you erasing and scratching. When it is dried completely, it becomes more difficult.